January, 2011


Working towards a flatter tummy part 1

       Since I started working out 4 weeks ago, I haven’t noticed any change in my waist size. This is somewhat depressing: I really want to have a flat tummy. How do all those celebrities do it? It amazes me how they get back their waist line within such a short time after giving birth.        I know that it took me 9 months to get to this point so I’m giving myself 9 months to get back to a fab body. I’m the kind ofRead More

What it takes to lose a pound of weight!!!

     I’m the kind of person who believes in appraising situations, making goals and working towards them. After I had my son two years ago, I realized that in spite of all the exercise I was doing, I wasn’t losing any weight. That was how I found out that before I could lose one pound of weight, I needed to burn 3500 calories. This is not a fixed formula: For some overweight people, you can lose one pound by burning slightly less while some other people need to burnRead More

MInor setback: my scale was giving me wrong measurements!!

        I had my six-week postnatal visit today and guess what my weight was? 180 pounds (82kg)!! I was shocked because my scale at home gave me a measurement of 171 pounds! What a whopping 9 pounds difference!! I got a new scale this evening and it gave me a measurement of 178 pounds (81 kg). This is a whole lot closer to the weight I got in the clinic. I’m quite sad but I’m glad that I know my correct measurement. There’s no need deceiving myselfRead More

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