Thursday, January 13th, 2011


Chemical peels: the basics

          In my never-ending quest for clearer skin, I stumbled on chemical peels. After I had stopped having major breakouts, I was left with post-acne spots and scars. I have done two 6-week cycles of 20% salicylic acid peels and one 6-week cycle using 35% glycolic acid this year and I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin tone and clarity!      If you’ve tried several basic regimens or treatments and they haven’t worked for you, you might have to step up your regimen by tryingRead More

How to grow relaxed black hair part 3 : My 2011 hair regimen

How to grow relaxed black hair part 1 How to grow relaxed black hair part 2 You can read my 2015 hair regimen HERE but this is my old 2011 regimen. ***Updated 6th February, 2015 With 2 children and lots of responsibilities, I don’t have time to do my hair more than once a week so I usually wash my hair only on weekends once a week. Occasionally, if my hair feels drier than usual, I deep condition in the middle of the week followed by a basic conditioner co-wash. I findRead More

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