January, 2011


Week 3 of my weight loss journey 2 (16th -23rd January)

                 Hi everyone. You all know about my minor setback last week. (By the way, I got my money back!). I was amazed when I still dropped the pounds. I haven’t been so strict with my portion control and besides, it’s really difficult to count calories especially when you’re cooking African food. For example, how do I know the calorie content of ‘egusi‘?      Anyways, these are my measurements:      Previous waist measurement = 36 inches      This week =Read More

How I stretch between my relaxers

           I’m 6 weeks post-relaxer and I have quite a bit of new growth. I was almost tempted to do a touch-up but I’ve decided to wait for at least 2 more weeks. It is best to relax your hair every 8-12 weeks. I do mine every 8 weeks because I want my edges to look sleek but some ladies get up to 20 weeks! If you relax it earlier than 8 weeks, there may not be a clear demarcation between the new growth and theRead More

How to grow thicker relaxed hair

    Me 2005 I can’t believe my hair has grown this thick! I’ve always had thin hair which was capable of growing to about shoulder length but to see my hair like a wild bush amazes me!      I’ve discovered a few things that can make hair grow thicker: Not over-processing your hair when you relax it. Don’t leave the relaxer in for more than the recommended time. Avoiding direct heat as much as possible. If you must, please use a heat protectant/serum! Using Amla oil as aRead More

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