How to maintain hair with high porosity

     When I first started to grow my hair, I discovered that even when I deep conditioned my hair, it felt dry afterwards! This was when I discovered there was something called overly porous hair! Porosity with regards to hair refers to its ability to absorb water or chemicals deep into its cuticle layers and cortex. The degree of your hair’s porosity determines how much it can absorb. If your hair has poor porosity, it means that your hair does not readily absorb moisture and chemicals.
On the other hand, if your hair can soak up water but never feels moisturized, it means that your hair has high porosity. If it feels or appears puffy or frizzy, it might also have high porosity. Sources say that overly porous hair is a result of the overuse of heat on the hair, over processing with chemicals, excess sunlight, shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate and similar chemicals; mechanical damage from excessive use of combs and brushes; etc
     I started using Roux Porosity control conditioner after shampooing my hair and before I deep conditioned. It did help a little because my hair felt a bit softer when it dried. As my hair has grown longer and there is less damage now, I haven’t used it in a while but if you’re just starting your hair journey, you might get some benefits from using a porosity control conditioner.Other things that can help you if you think your hair might be porous might be to use a protein conditioner. Proteins help to fill in gaps along the hair shaft and make it stronger. [Don’t overuse protein though because it might make your hair too hard!] Other things you should do is to avoid the precipitating factors that I listed above and over time, you will notice a difference in your hair!


Dr Fomsky


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