How to use Jamaican black castor oil.

     Jamaican black castor oil is a type of castor oil which is prepared by using a Jamaican ancient method. It contains a lot of fatty acids and phytochemicals which are believed to offer many skin and hair benefits. According to many scientific sources, it is the only known source of a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid, an omega -9- fatty acid. This fatty acid nourishes the hair and is also said to kill some viruses and fungi. As these micro-organisms have been linked to some causes of hair loss, it can therefore contribute to hair growth. It is also said to retain moisture in the scalp thus preventing dry scalp. 

I discovered Jamaican black castor oil online last year when I decided to grow my hair. So many people were raving about it and I decided to give it a try too! Since I started using it 4 months ago, in November 2010, I’ve noticed a tremendous change in my hair length and thickness. Some skeptics might not believe that it works but all you have to do is to use only one bottle for yourself. I’m 95 % sure that you’ll be hooked.
You can use Jamaican black castor oil in any way you like but I prefer to use it immediately after I’ve cleansed my hair so that it remains in my hair. That way, I feel that it’s still working till my next wash day!

I usually apply it to my scalp first. Next, I apply my moisturizing deep conditioner and then wear my heating cap. Afterward, I just rinse off with warm water.

I also apply it to my hair after my leave-in conditioner when I air dry my hair.

When I co-wash, I like to deep condition with castor oil and my moisturizing conditioner but I make sure I rinse it very well so it doesn’t weigh my hair down! I have a video of how I use it. Watch it by clicking HERE.

However, those are only 3 ways to use it. You can also:
-use it as a prepoo conditioner alone or mixed with another oil like coconut oil. Apply heat.
-mix it with your protein conditioner and apply heat;
-mix it with your deep conditioner and apply heat;
-use it as a sealant after moisturizing your hair. (Use it sparingly because it might weigh your hair down too much)
-use it as a scalp oil when your hair is dry; etc. Be careful though because it’s very sticky and can weigh your hair down too much. (That’s why I only like to use it when I deep condition! Besides its sticky nature, I love it so much!)

Where do I buy it? From : that’s my favorite online place to shop and they’ve never failed me yet! (Although I’ve seen some people complain!)

Taken October 2010 (just a little below the shoulder)
Taken March 2011 (Just at the level of the armpit! Yay!)

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**Post updated 30/03/13**

P/s: If you’re in Lagos and you want to give this Jamaican black castor oil a chance, send me an e-mail at OR siply go to The SIZZELLE ONLINE STORE to place an order. Thanks.


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