April, 2011


A video on my most basic bun

       This video just shows my finished work! Now, you know that you can do your hair at home and still have beautiful hair. Thanks for watching everyone. These are my first videos ever. I hope to produce more videos with much better quality in the near future!   Dr Fomsky

A video on how I moisturize and seal my hair with S-curl Activator Moisturizer

I no longer use S-curl to moisturize my hair. Please watch this video to find out how I now moisturize and seal my hair. CLICK HERE.   In this video, I used S-curl activator as my moisturizer and olive oil as my sealant oil. Dr Fomsky

A video on how I blow dry my hair with cool air parts 1 and 2

If you like these videos, I would love it if you visit my youtube channel to like them. Click HERE please. While you’re at it, please don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!   Dr Fomsky

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