May, 2011


The difference between protein and moisturizing conditioners

     It’s so important to use conditioners on your hair to replace moisture and/or protein. Black hair is the driest of all hair types and needs moisture more than other hair types. If you live in a very humid environment like I do, you may not need to moisturize everyday. I usually go with the flow when I moisturize my hair. With that said, one important way of adding moisture back to is by deep conditioning it at least once a week with a moisturizing conditioner.    Proteins areRead More

Looking for a test subject

       Hello everyone. If you live on the Lagos Island axis (Ikoyi, V/Island/ Lekki, Lagos Island) and have neck or shoulder length hair and you want dr_fomsky to help you grow your hair longer, send an email asap to with a picture showing your current hair length. In the email, state how often you go to the salon currently. We’re looking for someone who is disciplined and focused to use as a test subject. All products will be provided to you free of charge. I’m only takingRead More

Healthy hair bootcamp

           In the last newsletter, all subscribers were informed that we were going to be having a healthy hair bootcamp from the 1st of June to 31st of July. The hour is upon us.                                                                                                          Read More

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