November, 2011


Frequently asked questions on castor oil

There are different types of castor oil in the market. I’ve heard about Jamaican black castor oil. Is it any good? Can’t I use any store-bought castor oil? Jamaican black castor oil is just one kind of castor oil available. When you read about the positive effects of castor oil on hair, there is no specific mention of Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO). What this means is that if you use any pure castor oil, it should have the same effects. You have to try it to know: you couldRead More

Suggested hair regimen to grow relaxed hair (if you can’t do it at home!)

 Recently, I got a comment from a lovely reader of this blog. She said, ” I’ve read all your hair stuff a couple of times. I’ve tried following some of the guidelines but frankly I’m still clueless. I still have frizzy, thinning, unmanageable hair. Can’t u please just give me a list of what to buy and when to use it and so on that I can at least try to follow religiously? P/s: I’m almost always on weave-ons cause my hair is so terrible. Also it’s harmattan season whichRead More

How to build a skin care regimen part 3: skin concerns

           So, we’ve talked about the basic steps that make up any facial skin care regimen and skin types. Today, let’s go a bit deeper: skin concerns!      A skin concern is basically any issue YOU have with YOUR skin. I say this because sometimes you may have something that you don’t like about your facial skin and other people don’t get it. They might tell you that it’s not noticeable or it’s not too bad. However, if it bothers you even a little, it isRead More

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