December, 2011


My homemade deep conditioner and black shampoo experience!

I finally took out my weave this weekend and I decided to use all natural ingredients for my hair treatments. I recently read about the Greenhouse effect from The real queens website. One of the things the website owner recommends is the use of natural products as much as possible to achieve healthy hair. So I decided to give it a try: I figured I wasn’t going to lose anything (I made sure I had my backup products just in case… ) The first thing I did was to do a prepooRead More

Hair care: popular terms and hair lingo

  Hello everyone. I decided to do a quick post on popular hair lingo for anyone who wants to get serious about hair care and is still trying to understand the meanings of some acronyms or hair terms used on most relaxed hair websites. Definitions: Prepoo – This is preparing your hair prior to shampooing by using a moisturizing conditioner or oils e.g extra virgin olive oil for at least 20-30 minutes on your hair. Prepooing helps keep reduce the loss of moisture from your hair when you shampoo or clarify. IfRead More

MSM and Biotin: minerals and vitamins for hair growth?

   I talked about the hair cycle and shedding in a recent post. (Click HERE to read it). It got me to thinking. The anagen phase is only 2 years in some people and as long as 8 years in others ! This might explain why your hair is not growing long or why someone else’s hair just keeps growing and growing.      Anyways, I did some research to find out what could potentially prolong the anagen phase. Guess what came up on my Google search? Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It is a sulfur-containing compoundRead More

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