Air drying with a roller set? I did it!

     I’ve always loved straight, bouncy hair that can move with the wind. That’s one reason I love flat ironing my hair. When I decided to grow longer hair, I found out that airdrying was the way to go. Airdrying is good for your hair but it can be boring sometimes and I can never get my hair as straight or as bouncy as with a roller set or flat iron. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a better way to air dry. Anyways, guess what? I did: a heatless roller set!!

After conditioning my hair, I got so busy with household stuff that it got dry before I was ready to roll it. When I was finally ready, I sprayed in my leave-in conditioner  and serum on each section (about 1 inch) and then rolled it. It took me about an hour and since it was late at night, I had to sleep in my rollers. OMG! Sleeping in magnetic rollers is not for the faint-hearted: the rollers felt so hard but beauty doesn’t come without pain!!

This was my first major attempt and I was so scared of losing all my hard work at a heatless rollerset so I kept them in till the following night (altogether 24 hours) before taking them out. Next time, I’ll keep checking to see if they’re dry: I’m sure it’ll take less time.  I would advise that if you can’t sleep in them, roll your hair very early on a Saturday morning and take them out just before bed.

I’m pleased with the way it looks. However, I had a lot of breakage when I tried to comb out my roots. I have quite some new growth already and the rollers didn’t hold/stretch the roots as tight as possible so they got a bit hard. I would therefore advise that if you have a lot of new growth, make the rollers as tight as possible. Next time, I might try roller setting in small ponytails and see if my roots are better stretched out. All in all, I’m happy with it!! No more hair salons for me!! What do you guys think? You like? Click on the pictures below for a closer look!

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