January, 2012


Air drying with a roller set? I did it!

     I’ve always loved straight, bouncy hair that can move with the wind. That’s one reason I love flat ironing my hair. When I decided to grow longer hair, I found out that airdrying was the way to go. Airdrying is good for your hair but it can be boring sometimes and I can never get my hair as straight or as bouncy as with a roller set or flat iron. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a better way to air dry. Anyways, guess what?Read More

Back to the basics: prepooing?

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Back to the basics: steps for a successful hair regimen

     Hello everyone. I wanted to do a refresher course for the New Year for everyone who has resolved to take better care of their hair this year. I think that after a year of my healthy hair journey, I’ve learnt a little more about the important steps involved in any hair regimen and I’m going to explain them in-depth over the next few days to weeks. I used to be stricter about following each step at the beginning of my journey and if you’re just starting out, youRead More

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