How much weight did you lose from breastfeeding?


Am I vain to want to weigh the same as I did on my wedding day? I weighed 65 kg (143 pounds) and that’s my dream weight! After having my daughter 3 weeks ago, I weighed 85 kg (187.4 pounds) the day I came back home from the hospital. Since then, I haven’t even done one second of exercise but I’ve lost 7.1 kg (15.7 pounds). Yay!! All I’ve done is to breastfeed exclusively so I figure that has to be what’s helping me shed the pounds.

My first two children didn’t breastfeed and so it’s all new to me: it gets stressful sometimes especially at night. I feel so envious that everyone else is sleeping and I’m up feeding my baby. Sometimes, I feel like giving up but this added advantage (of weight loss) is one of the things that keeps me going. Tongue Out

A friend of mine who breastfed her 4 children believes that breastfeeding can help you lose some of the baby weight but not all: exercise takes off the rest. I think I agree with her: I also think that not every woman loses weight while nursing but I’m happy that I am. (The amount of exercise I need to do has been reduced!! Wink

Sources say that exclusive breastfeeding results in a 500 calorie-burn daily. If you eat less than 500 calories daily, this will probably lead to visible weight loss.  On the other hand, if you eat 500 or more extra calories daily, you won’t  have any weight loss or might even gain weight!

What  do you think? What was your experience? Did you lose all your baby weight by breastfeeding ALONE? Or did you do some exercise to help with the last 5 pounds? Or did you lose no weight at all while nursing?

Dr Fomsky

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