I have a dress I want to fit into (day 4)


     Yesterday was my 4th day of doing Zumba. For the first time since I started my exercise regime, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill after I was done with my Zumba routine.

     On the first day, I did the 50+ minutes basics DVD and subsequently, I started the Zumba 10-day slim fast program. I’m not a really good dancer but they make the steps easy to follow and I’m surprised how quickly I got the hang of it all. Each DVD lasts about 40+ minutes and they are more intense than I thought they would be.

     I found a Zumba calories calculator that helps you estimate how many calories burned based on your current weight, exercise intensity and workout minutes. Based on this, I should expect to burn about 420 calories per workout.

     I’ve also had to make some drastic changes in my eating: incorporating lots of vegetables into my meals, trying to avoid oily & fried foods and to reduce my refined carbs as much as possible (although it’s not been easy). Today, I had some black-eyed peas and ate as much chicken breast and vegetables as I could till I was feeling full because when you’re not full, there’s a higher tendency to snack on junk. (I don’t want to walk around feeling hungry. In the long run, I might end up bingeing from the feeling of being restricted Laughing). I snacked on red grapes because 1 grape is only 2 calories: if I eat 100 grapes, it only amounts to 200 calories!! In addition, I’ve also been taking oatmeal for breakfast.

     After I was all done exercising, my hair was wet and I had to do a co-wash and air dry: I have to figure out how to keep my hair from getting wet when I’m working out cos’ I can’t afford to do it every time I work out!

     My current waist size is 38 inches and I’m wearing a U.S size 14: I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I  can lose some inches and drop one dress size by the 26th. Can I?

     Anyways, take care peeps. I’ll keep you posted!

Dr Fomsky

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