Friday, March 2nd, 2012


Jamaican Black Castor oil and other products now available in Nigeria!!

       Hello everyone. I’ve gotten a thousand and one emails concerning Jamaican black castor oil and when it will be available for purchase in Nigeria. Well, ladies, I have great news for you: I finally have it available. It costs ₦ 3500 3200 per 8 oz bottle and  ₦1750 for the 4 oz bottle. If you’re interested, send an email to or call 08168072140 for further enquiries. Although we are located in Lagos, we deliver to most locations in Nigeria. Thank you for your patience! For more knowledge ofRead More

Imageshack and frog!

     If you’ve logged onto this website and you happen to see a frog and something about Imageshack  and domain not registered, please ignore it. It won’t affect the posts or anything. I’ve tried to get my site registered with them (not that I owe them anything but I’m desperate to get this frog off my site!!) .      Anyways, I’m working with my site designer on getting that fixed. [Not everyone will see it: it depends on where you are located in the world!] Do have a lovely day!

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