I travelled from the United States back to Nigeria two weeks ago and I was wearing my Body magic for the journey. For those of you who don’t know what that is: it’s a shapewear made by a company called Ardyss. It has a lot of wires and hooks and it really helps to rein in those bulges! I’m a strong believer that no woman should allow other people see her bulges when things like shapewear exist. Sister, please look for a good shape wear: it will make your clothes look better.

     Anyways, back to the gist. I was wearing this Body Magic during my journey. On the first leg of my trip from Iowa to Atlanta, my baby food was a major issue for the American TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The officers told me they were going to have to open the jars because they were above the permitted size. The other option was to perform a pat down on me (I guess to ensure that I wasn’t carrying any dangerous materials on me). The woman that was doing it felt the thickness of the material and decided that I would have to strip! I couldn’t believe it: I had gone from having my baby food checked to having to strip for a TSA official! I told her that they could keep the food but she said that since they had already started the pat down, they would have to follow through to the end. To summarize, I had to open all the hooks of that crazy Body Magic and I wept while I was doing it: I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me!
     When I got to Atlanta, I went into town for a few hours because I had more than 12 hours lay over time. Going back into the airport, I had to face security again. This time, I beeped as I passed through the scanners. The lady that did the ‘pat down’ this time decided not to subject me to taking all my clothes off because she understood that it was just a girdle. (Maybe, she even had one on herself. Wink).
     Anyways, I’ve decided that it’s too much trouble travelling through airports wearing my girdle. During my current trip to the U.K, I decided to leave it in my suitcase and wear it when I get there. So what if people get to see my big tummy? It won’t kill me and besides, it’s way better than the humiliation of having to strip!!

 Dr Fomsky 

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Dr Fomsky

Nigerian-born Dr Fomsky is a God-lover, a wife, a mom of three, a medical doctor by day. Plus she owns a Nigerian-based online hair product store called Sizzelle.
Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Alberta, Canada and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
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13 Comments to ‘BODY MAGIC’ girdle IS A TRAVEL HAZARD!!

  1. theodora ikem says:

    lol……..omg…..hillarious,sorry darl

  2. Damilola says:

    Wow….Sowie. I can imagine how humiliating that would have been…

  3. Ifai says:

    This piece is simply hilarious. A lady was complaining today that she loses her sense of balance when she wears body magic!

  4. Myne Whitman says:

    Awww…sorry about that. But it’s funny too

  5. LaQT/ Ty says:

    Sorry this happened to you, but it really is one of those events in life that you look back on and laugh about. Too funny! I can’t even imagine how embarrassed you must have been.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      LOL. In fact, I was already laughing by the second time the tsa officer stopped me in Atlanta. However, I really was embarrassed the first time I was stopped in Iowa

  6. I’m sorry that happened to you. Mine wasn’t a “body majic” but it was a “body by victoria” bra! I told the agent to do what they had to do but I wasn’t taking my bra off! The agent was more “blessed” than myself so I assumed that she understood the need for such “equipment” and let me pass through.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Thank God that she understood! If you had met a less understanding agent, she would have really made things difficult. 🙁 Take care and thanks for stopping by

  7. ozioma says:

    i am a mother of 2 and have been trying to loose weight to no avail. is there any where in Lags where i can shop for SUPER KETONE PLUS and ALOE FEROX CLEANSE. also i need to get a very firm tommy cincher , corset or girdle. kindly help!

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Hello Ozioma. I am not sure where you can purchase the Super Ketone plus and Aloe Ferox Cleanse. Have you tried Body Magic? It is a good girdle. The Ardyss company also has a tummy cincher. There is a company that I have seen them advertise waist cinchers here in Nigeria…www.waistednation.com

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