My first successful attempt at baggying


     Hello everyone. Sorry for the long silence: I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve been trying to build a new website for an e-store. I was going to have someone do it for me but I wasn’t happy with the price and besides, I felt I could do an okay job. I’m 7o% through and hope to launch before the month’s end. I’m sure you’ll like the look of it. Anyway, how is everyone? If you’re doing the Healthy Hair Bootcamp, how have you been faring? I was so tempted to use heat on my hair because I love how silky my hair feels like when I do. However, I resisted the temptation because that would set a bad example. By the way, guess what I did yesterday? I did my first successful baggying!!

     What is baggying you may ask?  Baggying is simply wearing a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair for a minimum of 2 – 3 hours. You can either baggy your entire hair or just the ends by wearing the cap over your ends only.

     You can choose to apply your moisturizer before wearing the bag or not. I didn’t apply any moisturizer because I figured that I didn’t want too much moisture. Besides, the bag was going to make my head produce some natural heat  and release moisture in the process. When I took off the cap 4 1/2 hours later, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and moisturized my hair felt (almost like I had just deep conditioned it). It wasn’t wet, just very mildly damp.

     When I first started my hair journey in 2010, I tried baggying but it always left my hair feeling mushy and even led to breakage (I guess because it was over-moisturized). I’m glad I decided to try it again because this is one way my mentor, Hairlicious, maintains her length. Read her article on The Truth about Baggying.  

     When you take off the shower cap, you then seal in the moisture with any oil/butter of your choice. I sealed afterwards with Safflower oil. I really love how it turned out and will definitely include this is in my regimen from now on, maybe twice a week. This will probably reduce the need for mid-week conditioning. (My husband says I spend too much time on my hair  so I’ve had to cut out mid-week washes and do them only occasionally). Talk to you guys later.

Dr Fomsky 

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