Back to the Basics: Recap

Back to basics


Hi everyone! I’m so glad that the BACK TO THE BASICS SERIES is now over.  I don’t claim to be an expert on hair but I wrote the series based on personal experience and some research. I did this series so that newcomers to healthy hair care would have a basic idea on how to take care of their hair. AND to serve as a reminder for my dear veterans.

Now that I’m done with the series, I’ll be writing posts about skincare, beauty tips, my weight loss challenges, my weekly washes, my challenges with my hair (and my joys/successes), my hairstyles, etc. I’m also going to be doing Q&A posts, guest posts and features of people I think will be an inspiration to your hair growth.

These are the topics that were covered in the Back to the basics series:

  1. Back to the basics:steps for a successful regimen
  2. Back to the basics: prepooing?
  3. Back to the basics: cowashing
  4. Back to the basics: cleansing your hair (shampooing and other things)
  5. Back to the basics: deep conditioning
  6. Back to the basics: drying and styling your hair
  7. Back to the basics: moisturizing and sealing
  8. Back to the basics: knowing your relaxers
  9. Back to the basics: ‘safely’ using chemical relaxers

Take care! Lots of love!

P/S:  If you want to write a guest post or be featured, simply send me an email at dr_fomsky(@)

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  1. I didn’t realize we were doing a “Basics” series about the same time! I’m looking forward to more of your weight loss posts.

  2. […]    When I wrote the Back to the Basics Recap, I promised to start doing wash day posts. This is the first of many!! […]

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