Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


What do you use to scrub your face?

       When I had a lot of acne, I discovered that facial scrubs with beads or grains would break me out. That’s why although I use the other 2 steps from the Proactiv range, I don’t use Proactiv renewing cleanser. Every time I use it, I break out.      Anyways, that’s when I discovered that you could do chemical peels as a form of exfoliation. I still do that regularly but I recently discovered Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. It’s battery operated and has a round brushRead More

Working on a new hair regimen

     I’m in a very talkative mood today so please bear with me. I’m happy with my hair progress and I’m glad for all the things I’ve learnt. I love to moisturize and seal but I feel that it weighs my hair down by day 3 after my wash day. Does this happen to anyone out there? Please do leave a comment. Maybe I’m just too heavy handed with my products. Anyways, I’ve decided to work out a new regimen that would involve washing my hair with a gentleRead More

Hair of the day July 11th 2012

           I think I’m going to need a personal photographer or something because I craned my neck so hard just so I could take a picture of the back of my head. LOL!       Anyway, this is just a simple way to hide your ends.  Bunning is a good protective style but sometimes you want something a little different. I combed my hair towards the left, twisted it in that direction, folded it back towards the right and then pinned it. Not the neatest butRead More

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