African hair care: do this.. do there really any need?


     I started my hair journey in 2010 and I really noticed a lot of change in my hair length and thickness by the following year. I, however, became pregnant in March 2011 and I seriously slacked off all the healthy hair practices I had learnt in 2010. I was blow drying and flat ironing my hair every two weeks and I did try to moisturize and seal when I could. My hair didn’t show much increase in length between  March 2011 and April 2012.

When I started following healthy hair practices this year, my hair has shown tremendous increase in length: I moisturize and seal nightly even when I feel my hair is well moisturized and I deep condition weekly no matter what. So, yes I think that you should do this and do that… your hair will probably show what you’ve been doing or not doing.

Dr Fomsky 

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