July, 2012


Hair of the day July 11th 2012

           I think I’m going to need a personal photographer or something because I craned my neck so hard just so I could take a picture of the back of my head. LOL!       Anyway, this is just a simple way to hide your ends.  Bunning is a good protective style but sometimes you want something a little different. I combed my hair towards the left, twisted it in that direction, folded it back towards the right and then pinned it. Not the neatest butRead More

What is product buildup and how can it affect your hair?

      What is product buildup? Product buildup is basically a gradual accumulation of products on the hair strands. Your hair will look flat and also feel as if it’s coated. Even when your hair has been freshly washed, it will still look dull and dirty with no shine. In addition, your hair will probably be difficult to style. What happens is that the accumulated product doesn’t allow necessary moisture, oils and other nutrients to penetrate your hair. When you have product buildup on your hair, it will remain dryRead More

Length retention: Keeping your ends moist 24/7

      There is one thing common to most black ladies who have successfully grown longer healthy hair: they moisturize their hair frequently. I usually moisturize my hair nightly or every other night (if I’m too tired). Some days ago, I stumbled on something called Chicoro’s method of moisturizing and sealing. I decided to try it and I must tell you that I’m blown away. She’s a natural-haired girl and most of the people I saw talking about it were also natural-haired. Hair is hair so I decided toRead More

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