The 17 Day Diet: Chapter 2 – Burn baby burn



  1. Plenty of proteins: Protein helps to burn fat because they require higher energy to digest the same amount of protein as compared to a carbohydrate. In addition, proteins help to move dietary fat into blood stream, and AWAY from the tissues for storage.
  2. A Variety of vegetables: A March 1999 study conducted by Tufts University found that “eating a variety of vegetables was negatively associated with body fatness“. Vegetables also help to improve digestion.
  3.  Low-sugar fruits like berries, apples, oranges and grapefruits, especially in the first 2 cycles. Forgo high sugar fruits e.g pineapples, watermelons, bananas.
  4. Low to moderate amounts of GOOD carbohydrates depending on what cycle you are on in the 17 day diet. You will have to stay away from BAD carbs like white breads, white rice, sweets, pasta, etc. 
  5. Fats that burn fats like polyunsaturated fats and omega 3-fatty acids (as found in fish i.e mackerel, tuna, sardines, etc): they keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  6. Probiotics: Found in plain unsweetened yoghurt, Kefir, etc
  7. Lots of water.
  8. Green tea and coffee. The catechins in green tea increase fat burning and stimulate thermogenesis.

Other topics covered in this chapter are:

  • A Recommended-weight table depending on your height AND frame. Some people have big bones and some small bones. You can’t expect to have a heavy frame and weigh the same with someone of the same height who has a small frame. That is putting too much pressure on yourself!
  • How often  you should weigh yourself. At least once a week and at the end of each 17 day cycle is adequate. Desist from several times a day weighing.
  • The 17 day diet limits carbohydrates because many people are carbohydrate sensitive and this can interfere with weight loss.
  • 17 facts about fat.

….watch out for a synopsis of chapter 3 (Cycle 1: Accelerate)!

Dr Fomsky


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  1. Jewel says:

    Great entry! Cant wait to try this. Yes! protien is crucial to burning fat, as well as oxygen, meaning proper breathing while exercising is highly important. I usally take deep breathes just during a brisk walk.

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