After 17 days on the 17-day diet!! My thoughts, my experience and my results!


     Before I started this diet, I thought I was ready for it. However, after 2 days, I realized that I wasn’t. On the second morning of this diet, I felt SICK: I was shaking… I was dizzy… I figured that it was hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so I took an apple and instantaneously, I was back to myself!! The first few days I experimented with various foods until I was able to figure out 6 simple meals which I alternated on different days.

     The author of this book, Dr Moreno, claims that “this diet will help you lose weight rapdly without compromising on the nutritional quality of your meals, your health and vitality. When you’re on this diet, you’ll be full, energetic and motivated”. I do agree with him to an extent because I did lose weight quickly. By day 4, I had lost 2 kg already. This kept me going. I however don’t agree that I was full. I did eat till I was full most times and even when I did, I did get hungry before my next meal or snack time. Many times, I chewed gum just to keep myself from eating more snacks. 

     AND I still had cravings for carbs and other sugary things! I did my absolute best to resist but after day 10, I stopped dropping weight as fast so I lost motivation. I finally gave in and I took a pinch here and there of cake & ate a spoonful or more of rice and other carbs on different occasions. In spite of everything, I decided to keep going because I hate to quit stuff and people kept commenting that I was looking much trimmer.

     Dr Moreno also promises that you can expect to lose 10 to 12 pounds.  Although I was not strict with the diet after day 10, I got really close to that by losing 9.8 pounds. I must also confess that I was extremely obssessed with weighing myself: every time I went to the bathroom, I would weigh myself!! Tongue Out

     I also made sure I exercised 4-5 times a week alternating between Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred DVD and the 20 minute turbocharged segment of the Billy Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo DVD

  Day 1 Day 17 Net change
Weight 75.8 kg (167.1 lb)  71.5 kg (157.3 Lb) -4.3 kg (9.8 lb)
BMI 25.0  23.6  -1.4
Thighs 22.5 inches 23 inches + 0.5 inches
Hips 40 inches 39 inches – 1  inch
Waist 35 inches 33.5 inches -1.5 inches
  • I planned to lose 3 kg and I lost 4.3 kg. My long-term goal is to lose a total of 10 kg: I’m half way there!!!
  • I planned to lose 1 inch around my waist but I was able to lose 1.5 inches! Having two children within 2 years hasn’t given my tummy any time to shrink at all. My final goal for my waist is 29 inches!
  • I lost 1 inch around my hip (I don’t want to lose any more of this because I don’t have big hips at all!!)

I’m SO EXCITED to be moving to cycle 2 where I can finally eat yams, potatoes and rice. I already went shopping for them 2 days ago!! You need to have seen me shopping. I was almost shouting to everyone: I’ve done it! I’ve done it!

My final conclusion:

  • This diet is good for people who have a few kilos to lose.
  • This diet is good to jumpstart any weight loss program.
  • You have to be extremely motivated and disciplined to follow through with the first cycle but the results are worth it.
  • If you’re breastfeeding exclusively, wait till you’re not. I noticed a reduction in my breast milk production.
  • If you have blood sugar issues, you should skip the first cycle. Before you do the second cycle, consult with your doctor.

In my next posts, I will tell you exactly what I ate during my first cycle of the 17 day diet! Love you guys!

Dr Fomsky Kiss


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4 Comments to After 17 days on the 17-day diet!! My thoughts, my experience and my results!

  1. Kim Fancy says:

    Great results. And I like your review of the diet–very honest.

  2. Skeptical of your blog says:

    I’ve known extremely unhealthy and over weight people, who have lost 34kg of weight in four months. You even said yourself you weren’t strict, had you been strict and actually worked out as well like recommended you would’ve lost it fast. My wife lost 2kg in 2 days when she did this. It’s for anyone not just those losing a few kg of weight but those wanting to cut a lot. You failed to mention your water intake because if you were feeling hungry drink water. Please do not claim to be a doctor if you do not understand the benefits of this meal plan, and the thousands of people who have had way better results because they were strict and invested.

    • Dr Fomsky says:

      I can’t argue with you because you were right that I wasn’t strict on this diet. And it’s true that many people have lost weight on this plan. I never said that I don’t understand the benefits of this plan and my understanding of this plan doesn’t take away my medical degree or make me less of a doctor. Thanks!

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