17 things I’ve learnt so far from the 17 day diet

cayenne pepper

  1. You can do anything you put mind to if you try. Our bodies crave carbohydrates: when you go on this diet, you’re very likely to miss them. Keep speaking to yourself. Have a watchword if possible.
  2. Since you’re not going to be eating very much food, you should not over exercise or you might get hungrier. 
  3. You can also exercise any time that is convenient for you: not just in the mornings.
  4. Eggs, chicken and cabbage are very filling. If they’re foods you eat, include one of them in every meal.
  5. If you’re making a spinach and tomato salad, don’t chop your spinach! Chopped spinach becomes slimy like okra. 
  6. It’s difficult to drink 8 glasses of waater  day. Aim to drink three 50 cl bottles of water. It’s easier to remember that.
  7. Since you’re drinking water more often, your bathroom visits are going to increase. You can use this as a reminder to do some pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) AFTER you’re done emptying your bladder.
  8. Canned tuna and salmons in water are nothing like their fresh alternatives. Opt for fresher versions if you can.
  9. A raw diet may be difficult for many to eat everyday. Steam your vegetables if you’e anything like me.
  10. Bland food can make you want to give up. Jazz up your food with cayenne pepper, curry and any other spice that you like. Add some low-calorie sweetener to your yoghurt. 
  11. If you’re still actively breastfeeding, your milk production will drop drastically. Wait till you’re after the 6-month hump and your baby is no longer completely dependent on your milk.
  12. Use only a pinch of salt when frying egg whites. Anything more and you’ll practically be eating salt.
  13. Apples are a great snack to eat if you feel faint.
  14. Eat foods you like or you might give up. Do vary your meals as much as possible.
  15. Prepare and plan your meals AND your snacks in advance. Chop your vegetables and freeze them in advance if possible.
  16. Use hand weights to exercise. They will keep you from losing lean muscle mass.
  17. You can take a snack before breakfast and then take a late breakfast. You’ll end up feeling less hungry by the day’s end.

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