The 17 Day Diet: Chapter 1 – Just give me 17 days


     Over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to be doing a chapter by chapter synopsis of the 17 day diet book.

     In the first chapter, he sums up the whole diet in two words: FAST RESULTS. The premise of this diet is this: rapid weight loss may be the key to long-term weight loss and maintenance. This was the result of a University of Flotida research study. A Finnish study also showed that “a rapid weight loss diet followed for 6 weeks trimmed visceral abdominal fat by 25% and abdominal subcutaneous fat by 10%“. Since this diet will help you get back on track quickly, it is also suitable for people who just had a recent weight spike. e.g after the holiday season.

This diet is made up of three 17-day cycles and each cycle is a little different to prevent boredom. As a result, there is also less risk of you getting into a weight loss plateau.



  • The first cycle (Accelerate) helps your body to clear sugar from the blood to boost fat burning and discourage fat storage. The writer promises that everyone who follows this diet closely can expect to lose as much as 10 to 12 pounds (4.54 kg to 5.44 kg)  in the first 17 days!
  • Cycle 2 (Activate) helps you reset your metabolism.
  • The third cycle (Achieve) is to help you develop good eating habits as foods are re-introduced.
  • The last phase (Arrive) is not really a cycle per se but is a lifestyle. Favorite foods can now be eaten only on weekends.

To assess your readiness for this diet, Dr Moreno also provided a quiz, Are you ready to be a hottie?

One of the caveats with the book: If you’re looking for a diet that will help you solve your hidden or emotional reasons for being fat, skip this book!

Ladies (and maybe gentlemen), join me on this diet. I’m already on day 2. [The good thing is that you can buy the Kindle version to use on your laptops, Ipads and other electronic devices].

It’s hard but if I stick to it, I know it’ll be worth it! Check out this success story by a fellow blogger: 17 Day Diet Check-In {End of Cycle 3!!}

Dr Fomsky 

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  1. Kim Fancy says:

    I was just looking into this diet last week. I saw a segment about it on some tv show that I can’t remember at the moment. Good luck on your journey. I’ll be looking out for your results! I just need a little more inspiration before I commit to it. 😉

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