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    Today is my second official day of the 17-day diet. I had actually started applying some of the principles discussed in the book since I read it 2 weeks ago. One of the things the author (Dr Moreno) talked about was learning to listen to your hunger and fullness cues. He advocates that you eat when you’re hungry and that you shouldn’t wait till you’re starving. If you do, you’re more likely to eat junk or overeat. He also states the importance of eating to a point that you’re JUST full. Not ‘under-full’ or ‘over stuffed’.

During my past diets, I would stop eating even though I was still hungry. Not before long, I would find myself hungry and snacking voraciously. In the last few months, I got tipped to the other end of the scale by continuing to eat even after I was full just because the food was very tasty or just cos’ I didn’t want to waste the food. Now, I try my best not to do that anymore cos’ I’m not a dustbin (Have you read that post?). I am now learning how to stop eating when I’m full. (I also make it a point not to stop till I’m just full). 

I also decided to do a little extra research on what hunger was and how to know when I’m hungry. That sounds pretty easy right but I discovered that there was actually a difference between hunger and appetite. 

  Hunger is the physiological need for food while appetite is the psychological desire for food. What this means is that you should eat when you feel those signs of true hunger ( e.g those mild waves or pangs in your belly). You won’t feel starved if you listen to your body’s hunger cues. It also means that since appetite is psychological, you can control it.

     Although I’ve always had a big appetite, I never added much weight until I had my kids so it never bothered me before. Now, that I’m on a weight loss journey, I know that I need to curb my appetite. The funny thing is that since I now eat till I’m full, I find that most times, I’m able to curb my appetite and now only eat when I’m hungry! I am also thinking of buying something to keep my kids entertain, excellent playhouses should create hours of fun so I think I’m getting one, that way they also get some exercise in at the same time.

     Do you eat only when hungry? Or when you feel like it? Do you go for seconds or thirds even when you know you shouldn’t?

Dr Fomsky Kiss

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