August, 2012


After 17 days on the 17-day diet!! My thoughts, my experience and my results!

       Before I started this diet, I thought I was ready for it. However, after 2 days, I realized that I wasn’t. On the second morning of this diet, I felt SICK: I was shaking… I was dizzy… I figured that it was hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so I took an apple and instantaneously, I was back to myself!! The first few days I experimented with various foods until I was able to figure out 6 simple meals which I alternated on different days.      The authorRead More

The 17 Day Diet: Chapter 3 – Cycle 1: Accelerate

       Unlike most diets, the author of the 17 Day Diet book, believes that this diet will help you lose weight rapdly without compromising on the nutritional quality of your meals, your health and vitality. He promises that when you’re on this diet, you’ll be full, energetic and motivated. He also explains that the 17 day diet is high in fibers for several reasons. Curtails food intake by stimulating release of appetite suppressing hormones. As a result you feel full. They take longer to chew and you therefore burn more calories chewing.Read More

Hair diary for the week ending 18th August 2012

       Hello there. I’ve decided to do a hair diary to show you what I do with my hair during the week. I don’t have a fixed regimen for now and I’m experimenting with a lot of products and processes so bear with me. You’ll know it when I get the regimen that I’ve been looking for if you keep following. Wednesday night (15th August) I put 3 flexirods on my hair, wore my shower cap and went to bed. Thursday morning Did some exercise and took the flexirods outRead More

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