Saturday, October 20th, 2012


Why I no longer use Affirm fiberguard relaxer

       Alkaline substances have the ability to lift the hair cuticle, therefore causing damage. Relaxers are made to be highly alkaline with most having a pH range of 11-14. I figured that the ‘lower’ the pH, the less damage. This is the main reason I decided to change my relaxer. The relaxer I’ve been using for the last one year is Affirm Fiberguard Mild Creme Relaxer and I couldn’t find any info online about its pH. (It is a lye relaxer but Affirm Fiberguard also has a no-lye version calledRead More

Relaxer day October 17th 2012

       I’ve finally relaxed my hair after a 16 week-stretch. I described how I prepped for this relaxer in my post, Wash day: counting down to my relaxer. My last touch up was on June 25th 2012. I did not self-relax because I don’t trust myself to apply the relaxer evenly. Maybe next time when I get my sprush. Ebony Princess (from Longing4length) and Jenijen (from Justgrowalready) have lovely posts and videos of how they self-relax. Check out their websites for more details on that.      I sawRead More

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