Feature Friday: Meet Emem! Remember Ifai?


     Hi guys..  another day for a hair feature. In fact, I have two readers of this blog for today’s feature… these are 2 ladies that are very dear to me (I haven’t met any in person but they send me e-mails very often). The first person is Emem..I’m so inspired by how much her hair has grown.. Keep it up dear!!


Then… Ifai (Click HERE to read her regimen)…Remember her? She was one of the people who won the Science of Black Hair book from the Healthy hair boot camp 2012.

This is her picture taken in July (Sorry about the clarity of the picture)

Big difference!

When you decide to start a hair journey, one important you should do is to take loads of pictures. I made that mistake when I first started but now I realise that they are the most objective way of determining your progress.

Would you like me to feature your hair journey? I would love to. Send me your ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

Dr Fomsky Kiss

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