Length check Nov 2012 and a giveaway!!


   Hello everyone… I’ve finally gotten around to doing a length check. My hair has grown I think but I’m not fully brastrap yet. It might be because I’m almost 5ft 9 inches but I don’t mind: I’m just happy where I am right now. (If you want to enlarge any picture, please click on it).

Length check comparison on wet hair

I also trimmed off about an inch off my ends. I did a video of how I trimmed but it’s basically similar to how Jeni from Justgrowalready.com does hers. The video didn’t come out quite as nice as I wanted it to. That’s one reason why I don’t do videos..but I’ll put it up soon.

Current hair length November 6th 2012

After the trim, I was happy that my hair didn’t look much shorter.  In the picture before the trim, my hair was only blow dried. However, in the picture after the trim, I had stretched out my hair by rollersetting and wrapping afterwards.

To show how happy I am, I’ve decided to have a small giveaway. However, it’s only for my readers in Nigeria. I have 3 length check t-shirts to give out: (1) Small, (1) Large and (1) Extra-large. . If you are interested, leave a comment on any post on my blog (not this one!) and make sure you indicate your interest in a t-shirt and what size you want. I will accept comments till midnight on Sunday the 11th.  Afterwards, I will randomly pick the winners. Take care.


Dr Fomsky Kiss

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