Hair of the day: A braidout!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while I published any post! I’ve been so busy with so many things! In my last post, you might recall that I told you guys I was wigging it out for last week. Throughout last week, I felt a sense of freedom and joy whenever I got home and threw my wig off!! LOL!! You can never do that with weaves and that’s one reason I now like wigs.

To prep for my ‘wigging week‘, I had cornrows on my hair, I think about 13-15 total. I did the cornrows to reduce manipulation and I totally enjoyed a whole week of not having to do anything with my hair! All I did was to spritz the woven hair and scalp with some rose water and oil mix I had made. On nights that I was doing the Greenhouse challenge, I would spritz my hair with my rose water mix and follow up by applying some oil to my hair. Afterward, I would wear a shower cap and then a hair bonnet on top of this and lastly a black beret to trap in all the warmth.

Anyways, I decided to take down the cornrows yesterday. The previous night I had ‘Greenhoused‘ and I carefully undid each plait with my fingers and lightly finger combed.My hair felt softer than it has during the entire duration of this challenge. It however got a little drier and a bit harder as the day wore on but it was still okay. I totally loved the look and left my hair out for most of the day.

Braid out 2 18th Dec 2012

Now I know why the originator of the Greenhouse effect, Meeka, said that the Greenhouse works better with braid outs. I think it’s true! Click on any picture below to get a better view!

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11 Comments to Hair of the day: A braidout!

  1. Joie says:

    Lovely look u got there

  2. lolade says:


  3. Jenny says:


  4. Dabs says:

    Very nice! Curl definition on point!

  5. Tonkabelle says:

    This braid out really suits you, lovely!!!

  6. Ty/ LaQT says:

    Beautiful braidout. It looks very lovely.

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