Jingle Bell Rock – Holiday Hair Special (Featuring fabulous bloggers)

Hello everyone! I would like to present to you a collaboration post between myself and four other hair bloggers. We are all wishing you a very very merry Christmas! And giving you style ideas and hair inspiration for Christmas.

For my style, I had rollerset and wrapped my hair the previous night. I parted my hair into front and back. It’s a bit rough cos’ firstly, I’m so terrible at styling my hair neatly! Secondly, I have a bit of new growth!

I rolled the front to the side and secured it with a bobby pin. For the back of the hair, I just rolled it up and secured it with about 2 bobby pins.

Side view of front roll Christmas style (2)

Rear view Christmas style

Now, I present to you the other bloggers’ pictures:

Lesley (Fresh lengths)

Jingle Bell Rock - Lesley of Fresh Lengths

Tonkabelle (Wura’s Secret Hair)

Jingle Bell Rock - Tonkabelle of Wura's Secret Hair


Sdestra (Sdestra’s hair journey)


Jingle Bell Rock - Sdestra of Sdestra's Hair Journey


Dabs (Naija hair can grow)


Jingle Bell Rock - Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow

And Finally the front view of my Christmas look

Front slanting view Christmas style

Jingle Bell Rock - Dr Fomsky of The Sizzling Mommy

Left hand side view Christmas styleFull picture Christmas styleSlanting full view Christmas

Don’t forget to visit these ladies blogs!


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