Tuesday, January 15th, 2013


Winners of the Vanity Oils Grapeseed oil

Hello gals. Another quick announcement. I completely forgot to announce the winners of the 3 VANITY OILS Grapesed oil bottles. I received only 2 requests so we only have 2 winners. I decided to take the third bottle this year when I noticed that there were no more requests.   Lolade Duroshola Emem Uwatt Give a shout out gals if you’ve received your bottle! How do you like the grapeseed oil? How are you using it? Featuring Nigerian businesses: VANITY OILS  

Greenhouse challenge is over!

Hello gals!! Just a quick announcement! The Greenhouse challenge ended on Sunday, the 13th of January, 2013. To be honest, I slacked off on the challenge from mid-December until now. I feel that my hair has not grown as much as I wanted it to. I also wasn’t taking any hair vitamins until about 2 weeks ago because I wanted to be sure that any extra growth I experienced was due to the Greenhouse effect. I will publish my ‘after’ pictures along with the rest of the challenge participants. IfRead More

What is your hair texture?

Before I started my hair journey, all I knew was either your hair was thick or light. Although my hair has grown longer than shoulder length several times in my life, I kept cutting it because I considered my hair to be feather light. I’ve now discovered that fine hair is not the same thing as thin hair. It is important to know your hair texture because this can help you know what things you need to consider adding to or dropping from your regimen & what products to useRead More

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