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Please excuse me: I will be delving away from hair and other similar talk for a little bit. I will also be talking soon more about the True foods for two challenge in a bit! But for the mean time, please read this:

Recently, I have been struggling internally with a few things but as I pondered on them last night, I decided that they were trivial. While driving this morning, they came back to my mind and I began to speak the word of God against every negative thought within me. I decided to confess positive things and encouraged myself. David encouraged himself in the Lord.

See something other than your current situation. See the glass as half full not half empty.

Be thankful for where you are now and where you are going.

Never let the negative thought be spoken out. Make a personal decision that no matter what you’re thinking, you will only speak God’s truth out. Speak life into every dead situation. Speak positively

Be anxious for nothing. Pray about that situation instead of worrying.

Trust in the Lord God with all your heart. Don’t trust in your understanding. No matter your profession, the word of God is above all knowledge. Just trust in the King of Kings.

Believe what God has already expressly revealed in His Word. He will cause you to prosper. (Joshua 1:8) You are already healed. By his stripes, you were healed.

For everyone that reads this post, I want you to hear this: I see God healing you. I see God blessing the work of your hands and the fruit of your body. I see that problem being solved, no matter how big. In Jesus’ name.

The only thing you must do is this: receive His son, Jesus. Trust Him and allow Him to reign in your life.


You are your own cheerleader…. learn to encourage yourself in the Lord!!

Now go forth and succeed today. Love you guys!

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8 Comments to Learn to encourage yourself

  1. joyce says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

  2. Joie says:

    Lovely post, really inspiring. One of my watchword dis year is to be positive at all times no matter the situations, dis post is just a confirmation for me to stay positive and encourage myself. God bless u, doc. U are Godsent to me.

  3. Beeba says:

    Hmm, encourage yourself….Inspiring piece, thank you for writing this.

  4. Kim Fancy says:

    Thank you for this post. It’s beautiful and incredibly calming. Thank you.

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