Winners of the Vanity Oils Grapeseed oil

Giveaway winners vanity oils grapeseed oil

Hello gals. Another quick announcement. I completely forgot to announce the winners of the 3 VANITY OILS Grapesed oil bottles. I received only 2 requests so we only have 2 winners. I decided to take the third bottle this year when I noticed that there were no more requests.

 Giveaway winners vanity oils grapeseed oil

  1. Lolade Duroshola
  2. Emem Uwatt

Give a shout out gals if you’ve received your bottle! How do you like the grapeseed oil? How are you using it?

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Featuring Nigerian businesses: VANITY OILS

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3 Comments to Winners of the Vanity Oils Grapeseed oil

  1. Wonder says:

    Yay! I won the oil, too shy to send a picture! Lol. I’ve being using it on my hair but because my hair porosity is low, I use it more on my skin now. Thank you Ma’am and double thanks for the other Christmas gift, you know now. *wink. xoxo

  2. lolade says:

    thank you very much,sorry i’m sooo late. I used it today ,for my hot oil treatment and oil rinse.after air drying,my hair was smoother than ever.i noticed some shine too.olive oil used to be my fav….but grapeseed oil has got me thinking……lol

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