February, 2013


Feature Friday: Meet Joanne from Grow African Hair Long!

1. How long was your hair when you started your hair journey? What made you embark on a healthy hair journey? I started my hair journey in February 2010 which makes it almost three years since I started my hair journey. I actually stumbled across hair journey videos on you tube and at the time I just couldn’t believe that black hair could grow long. My hair had been shoulder length for as long as I could remember and in my opinion, that was the longest I thought it couldRead More

Dealing with dandruff in African hair: a peculiar issue!

Someone asked me how to treat dandruff and I decided I would reply with a post on dandruff. What is dandruff? It is a skin condition which occurs anywhere there is hair but it mainly affects the scalp, presenting as flaking and itching. When you see white, oily flakes all over your hair, shoulders and clothes (usually with an itchy scalp), you probably have dandruff. Dandruff tends to get worse when the weather is dry or cold e.g during the  dry season/ harmattan (in tropical regions) OR winter & autumnRead More

Wash day: final seal with grapeseed oil!

My weekend wash day started on Friday night. On Thursday and Friday, I had left my hair down and by the end of Friday, it was terribly dry.. Prepoo/Greenhouse effect I divided my hair into 4 sections and then finger detangled each section gently with avocado oil between my fingers to help lubricate the strands. Afterward, I added some safflower oil to my hair and then braided each section. I put on a shower cap, wore my heating cap for about 30 minutes. Took off the heating cap and wentRead More

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