The dilemma of being slim but having a big tummy!

Side view day 1 true foods for two

Since I had my baby last year, I’ve dropped 10 kg (22 pounds) and although I still want to return to my original pre-pregnancy weight of 65 kg, I don’t consider myself fat. I now weigh 70kg.

My tummy on the other hand has refused to go down at the same rate the rest of my body is. When I started my weight loss journey, I was 38 inches but now I’m 33.5 inches. I look 5 months pregnant if I don’t wear my Body Magic bodyshaper.

I sometimes get depressed but I continue to work as hard as I can. Since I started The True Foods For Two challenge, I’ve dropped about half an inch around my waist line (from 34 to 33.5 inches). My goal waist line is 29 inches. Can I get there? I’m working as hard as I can.

I’ve done some study on getting a smaller waist line and causes of a persistently big tummy and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have what is known as a Diastasis Recti. This is  is basically a separation of the outer muscle of the abdomen (also called rectus abdominis muscle) into right and left halves. Normally, the two sides of this muscle are joined at the midline by a fibrous tissue called linea alba. One of the major causes of Diastasis recti is the stretching of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy.

Diastasis recti

There are a number of exercises recommended for reducing a Diastasis Recti but if the degree of separation is very high, a tummy tuck might be the only way of solving this problem.

In a future post, I shall describe some of these exercises.

Have you been struggling with a disproportionate tummy after having kids?

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Side view day 1 true foods for two

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Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Paris, France and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
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31 Comments to The dilemma of being slim but having a big tummy!

  1. Joyce says:

    This is a very big problem for me my tommy is so big and i dont know what to do about it. my sister.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      I will soon do some posts to show how I’m working on my tummy. I hope I can drop some inches oh!

    • liz says:

      Have you tried steel boned corsets with diet and exercise. Corsets help to pull back the abdominal muscles after child birth. Add that to diet and exercise and you are there with time. Better than a tummy tuck I tink…

  2. Wonder says:

    Hmmmm. The name and graphics kinda got me scared o, child bearing does a big thing to a woman’s body. I really hope you can get ur tommy back. 🙂

  3. Chuwechuwe says:

    Have you tried exercises specifically designed for your core muscles like the plank, sit-ups etc? Perhaps gear your exercise routine towards the problem area because a cardio workout and running on the treadmill etc will definitely help you lose weight but the core must be specifically targeted.

    I have also noticed that it is easier to lose the post baby belly by exercising if you had a natural birth. If a woman has a c section that post baby belly is really hard to get rid off.

    As a mitigating factor for ladies who are not mothers yet, keeping fit while pregnant also helps. you need gentle exercise though so you can attend “preggy belly” classes at your gym if they offer that. A specialised class is important because you don’t want to do the wrong thing and hurt yourself or the baby.

    good luck ladies.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Hello Chuwechuwe. I have been doing little exercises for the midline but now, I have decided to factor in on that big time!! LOL! You’re right… I did C/section for my 3 children so I think that will be a contributing factor… anyways, I thank God for body shapers in the mean time! 😛

  4. Jan says:

    why don’t you check out FADD Fitness Addict on Facebook..she lost all her tummy fat and she might be able to help you in this area. Wish u the very best.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Thanks Jan.. I actually follow her on twitter and she has agreed to be featured on this blog space so watch out for that soon.. she’s such an inspiration to me… 🙂

  5. Myne Whitman says:

    I’ve found that the more weight you lose, the easier it is to tone the tummy muscles too with specific core exercises. I am still working on mine, though shapewear helps sometimes.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      You’re right. I find that it’s easier to hold my tummy in when I do ab exercises now that I’m down in weight. But shapewear….. I can’t stop loving them… 🙂

  6. BiKé says:

    It’s always very hard, to tone the tummy after kids. After my first kid, it was much easy for me but after the 2nd, it became harder. One thing I did is that I tried as much to cut out carbs. I learnt that we all have diff part of our body that stores more fat. Some in the upper body, some hips, some tummy, some legs etc.
    I also learnt that blueberries helps a lot when tummy toning. I’ve tried blueberries and it worked pretty nice for me. But I do cheat myself a lot by not exercising. lol
    What works for A might not work for B but we just have to find out what works for us. right now i’m 158lbs but I try as much as possible to keep between 157-160lbs.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      I’ve really cut down on carbs.. some days, I can’t resist some sweet jollof rice. Blueberries would be nice but please where do you buy them in Nigeria? Thank you.

  7. Eya says:

    Sit ups helped me a lot, even after my fourth pregnancy. After delivery I don’t tie my tummy, but by 3 months post baby I do up to 70 sit ups at a stretch. It works for me.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      I didn’t tie my tummy after delivery either, because I had C/sections for my 3 kids. Wow! 70 situps is a lot.. However, because of the gap in my tummy… I have to be careful while doing situps.

  8. Nne says:

    This almost describes me and I say heeeellllllppppppp. Slim wt a big tummy like urs. Though my babies r thru C/s. I have searched high n low for solutions. Pls help.

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Nne dear, it’s been a problem but I’m working on it…so know you’re not alone. I will soon publish posts on things I’ve been doing. So far, i’ve lost 2 inches so I’m now done to 32 inches. I’m really praying I can lose 4 more inches though.

  9. Lucy says:

    1st you are very brave for uploading a pic of ur belly so I applauded u for that
    I couldn’t. I have 2 children’s and had a c section for both I weigh 65kg and have a belly similar to urs

    I went to get surgery last year but was told I am not a suitable candidate because I have the same muscle separation u mentioned.

    That’s just belly, lets not even talk about breast. I can’t even walk around my hs without a bra. Lol but funny enough I don’t feel depressed about it cos once I step out my house I am a babe with a capital B. I av learnt to hold my shoulders back, chest upright and hold my tummy in by default. I just do it without even thinking.

    I have also come to learn that my belly remains a small size until I eat then it gives that pregnant look again. So I don’t eat before heading out to an event that way I remain a 30inch waist line once I eat I become a 34inch and it stays like that all day!

    Hope u feel better after my longgggg comment
    God dey sha lol

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      Hi Lucy… thank you… I debated putting up my pic but how can I talk about such an issue without any picture? So that’s why I did that. Please what type of surgery did you go for last year? I’m now learning to hold in my tummy.. it’s not easy but I’m working on it… I wish I were like you but I can’t do without eating in the morning but don’t worry that’s why I wear my Body magic without fail.. no one knows what is hidden Thanks for your comment.. I really feel better. Take care..Hugs from a fellow compatriot!

  10. Veronica says:

    Hey ladies, ystdy I ran into a video on youtube that some people r raving about it had to do with losing stubborn belly fat. Iv never been preggers but thort dis may help… google this: 28 day challenge finale chescavlogs youtube… check out d video, but from what I browsed thru u may need to purchase the actual dvd but if ur desperate I guess check out d youtube video first I think its a review on the dvd and her experiences…it seems like she had lots of great results. (Dunno if it was post natal tummy issues tho as iv downloaded but not watched d full video) Goodluck xoxo

  11. Lucy says:

    Vaser Laser, non invasive method of removing unwanted fat from your body

    and you are right only specific exercises are recommended for Diastasis Recti
    if you arent too careful you could actually make is worst……infact the docs told me not to do any crunches

    looking forward to your update on this

    all the very best ……for real

  12. Hi doc,I had ababy in oct 2011 and my tummy went down after tht but I had an ectopuic surgery few days ago and my tummy is large with a capital LARGE.I dnt knw if it will go dowwn or if its cos of d surgery it got so big.I’m still healin tho.its been about a week since I had surgery,

  13. karen says:

    Quick question for ya?
    What natural oil would u recommend for loose belly skin after child birth? What oil can tighten as well as reduce stretch marks?

  14. Maya says:

    I had two children and was in the exact same position as you. I still have some tummy left. But what makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE is 1) Cardio (gets overall body toned) and 2) Tummy specific exercises.

    Do you still live in Paris? I don’t any more but you can try the gym program that worked for me there:

    This program, for women only with circuit training saved my body.

    I still have work to do but my husband is amazed, yet he had lost hope. I was model think when we met 5’8″ 55kg. Got up to 70kg and now down to 63kg. Going for 60kg but not sure it will ever be possible at my age, late 30’s.

  15. titilayo says:

    Really? Lost 26kg, now 66kg, 5ft 7in, my body is toned and defined as i like it, but my belly, fat around the naval button is not making my tummy flat less abs show. Though when i tummy in i can feel the rock hard abs. Could this issue apply to me? Have 2 children with natural birth.
    32in tummy what to lost 2inches around my tummy for my 28/29inch waist.
    Used to workout everyday to achieve my goal but now 3times a week. I wouldn’t mind doing some constructive if it would help. What is FADD Fitness Addict Facebook or twitter handle?

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