Is Coconut oil a hair moisturizer?

Is coconut oil a hair moisturizer

Is coconut oil a hair moisturizer

Q: Please do you think coconut oil is OK as a hair moisturizer? Some blogs say yes. Some say no. I’m really confused.

A: I don’t think coconut oil is a moisturizer. Although, it is a very absorbent oil, it cannot replace a water-based moisturizer. When you hair is dry and needs moisture, you need to use a hair moisturizer that contains water. I think that Coconut oil is good for pre-shampoo oil treatment/pre-pooing, hot oil treatment after washing your hair or sealing your hair AFTER moisturizing.

On occasion, I do use oils on my hair without moisturizing first. However, I do this

  1. When my hair doesn’t feel dry or is not in need of moisture. I have noticed that when I apply oil to my hair that needs moisturizing, it tends to break more.
  2. Once a week as a pre-poo/Greenhouse thing.

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2 Comments to Is Coconut oil a hair moisturizer?

  1. You are definitely on the right track. Oils do not moisturize because they are not water based. Moisture can only be derived from a water based substance. The words are used interchangeably which leads to confusion.

  2. Myne Whitman says:

    I always assumed it was a moisturizer, thanks for this.

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