March, 2013


Lethal enemies to retaining hair length

     After being on this hair journey for 3 years, I can tell you the primary things that I feel can prevent you from retaining length. I call them Lethal Enemies of achieving long hair. Stretching your relaxer longer than you can handle. Detangling your hair the wrong way. Combing your hair every single day. Air drying the wrong way. Irregular deep conditioning. Infrequent and/or ineffective moisturizing and sealing. Applying oil to dry hair Frequent use of direct heat on your hair. Manipulating your hair too frequently or inRead More

The pros and cons of ‘Texlaxing’

                      Before I talk about texlaxing, I think it’s a good idea to say what it is. Texlaxing is basically intentionally underprocessing your hair when you relax it. Instead of achieving straight hair, you end up with hair that has a bit of texture to it. Hence the prefix ‘tex’. About a year ago, my hair was left underprocessed after relaxing and since then I’ve been underprocessing my hair. What are the benefits of texlaxing? Your hair looks thicker. IfRead More

Is Coconut oil a hair moisturizer?

Q: Please do you think coconut oil is OK as a hair moisturizer? Some blogs say yes. Some say no. I’m really confused. A: I don’t think coconut oil is a moisturizer. Although, it is a very absorbent oil, it cannot replace a water-based moisturizer. When you hair is dry and needs moisture, you need to use a hair moisturizer that contains water. I think that Coconut oil is good for pre-shampoo oil treatment/pre-pooing, hot oil treatment after washing your hair or sealing your hair AFTER moisturizing. On occasion, IRead More

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