What’s in my overnight bag?

Sizzling mommy uses elasta qp mango butter

Happy Sunday guys! I’m in the middle of a 24-hour call duty at the hospital I work and I look forward to going home! I just wanted to share my fave products and basic beauty travel essentials that I usually take along with me when I’m not spending the night at home:

1. A sunscreen

Sizzling mommy sunscreen

2. A hair moisturizer:

Sizzling mommy uses elasta qp mango butter

3. A hair oil: Any will do. Today, I took along Jamaican black castor oil serum

Sizzling mommy uses jamaican black castor oil serum

4. My face wash

sebamed face wash sizzling mommy

5. My face toner

Sizzling mommy face toner stridex

6. A night cream/serum

REtin a cream sizzling mommy

7. My hair bonnets, shower cap and beret!

My hair bonnet, shower cap and beret routine Sizzling mommy
What are your beauty travel essentials?

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8 Comments to What’s in my overnight bag?

  1. The life of a doctor!!

  2. […] work: spending the night in the hospital. This time, I came prepared! Check out the contents of my overnight bag!! I applied Jamaican black castor oil serum to my scalp and massaged it in. Then I moisturized with […]

  3. Loretter says:

    Looooooolzzzzz……u take all these…

  4. Li says:

    I take a scarf, argan oil and face Wash. The argan oil is for both My face and hair.
    I love travel light.

  5. Beckie says:

    If nothing else I need moisturiser and lip balm.

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