Weekly hair diary: 20 April – 27 April 2013

I have decided to resume doing posts on my weekly relaxed hair regimen so that you can get a picture of what I do with my hair in between wash days. So here goes:

Saturday, 20th April


My hair was freshly washed so I didn’t think I needed to do much to my hair. I applied Jamaican black castor oil serum to my scalp. I used this oil because it has a thinner consistency than the original Jamaican black castor oil. Afterward, I wore my satin bonnet and went to bed.

Sunday, 21st April


I simply bunned my hair.


I applied Jamaican black castor oil serum to my hair, wore my satin cap and went to bed.

Monday, 22 April


My hair felt dry and I wasn’t happy with that. I bunned my hair and went about my day.

My new growth feels thick but soft. (I’m about 11 weeks post-relaxer). My hair strands look so fine and I’m considering doing a henna treatment because I’ve read that it helps thicken up hair strands.


I did some greenhouse effect. I applied Jamaican black castor oil serum to my hair. Wore my satin bonnet. Then a shower cap on top of that. Then another satin bonnet and then a beret.

Tuesday, 23rd April


When I took off my hair bonnet et al, my hair felt much better. I applied some Jamaican black castor oil serum and bunned my hair.

Jamaican Castor oil serum with argan oil

Later in the afternoon, I undid the bun and ran my fingers through my hair but it was breaking. I hadn’t moisturized my hair since I washed it earlier in the week. I think it needed some real moisturizing.


I knew that my hair needed some heavy duty moisture. I mixed some Aussie 3-minute miracle deep conditioner with water (to make it the consistency of a hair moisturizer). I applied this to my ends but did not seal. I wore a hair bonnet and then a shower cap on top of that. Then a beret lastly. I usually use all these to trap in necessary moisture! LOL! In the middle of night, I took off the shower cap because I didn’t want my hair too damp by morning.

Wednesday, 24th April

My hair felt better in the morning. When I combed through, there was no breakage. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

I twisted my hair to the side and bunned to the left side. (I have just uprooted my camera and promise to start posting up more pics soon)


I applied some oil to my hair strands (it’s an old concotion that I had mixed so I can’t remember exactly what’s in there). To the ends, I applied some Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split end protector and sealed with that oil mix. I did have a bit of breakage and shedding (I counted about 17 long strands). I haven’t been taking any hair vitamins so I think that’s why I’m shedding a bit more. I need to get serious with that. I covered my hair with a satin bonnet,a shower cap and a beret in that order.

Thursday, 25th April

I woke up to soft smooth hair. When I combed through with my wide tooth comb,  no breakage. I had read about Ecostyle gel being good for edges so I applied some to my hair and it stayed nice and smooth till I got back from work.


I sectioned my hair into two: on left side applied Elasta qp mango butter to my ends. No breakage.  On right side, wet my ends and then applied some water and then the Elasta qp mango butter. Breakage about 2 strands. The major difference is that I needed more of the moisturizer for the side that I hadn’t previously wet.

I pinned up my hair. Donned my satin scarf, shower cap, bonnet and beret in that order.

Friday, 26th April
I bunned my hair and used Ecostyle gel to smoothen the edges.

I was out of town so I didn’t have time to wash and deep condition my hair. I simply refreshed my hair with my diluted Aussie moist 3-minute miracle mix. Wore a shower cap, a hair bonnet and a hair beret in that order.

Saturday, 27th April

I combed through my  hair lightly and tied a scarf to smoothen the edges (I am about 12 weeks post-relaxer). I pinned up hair and that was it for the day.

Edges 27 April 2013 Sizzling mommySaturday 27 april 2013 sizzling mommy
I applied my oil mix. Wore my usual bonnet, shower cap, beret in that order.

Till next week’s hair diary…

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