June, 2013


Too much carbohydrates in our diet!

This is my favourite dish: white rice, fried plantain and chicken, beef or fish! I don’t usually add any vegetables and when I do, it is just a little side dish.   This is a far cry from the recommended healthy meal portion which looks something like this: There are two main types of starchy carbohydrates: 1) Refined carbohydrates e.g white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc 2) Natural/complex carbohydrates e.g Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, wholewheat bread, bananas, beans, yams, etc. I’m sure you know that naturalRead More

Hair appraisal: back at square 1?

Well not really thought but a little behind! A few months ago, I complained that I had been experiencing some hair breakage and I was having a lot of good days and bad days with regards to my hair. I followed my own checklist from my book and I finally pinned down the cause to my office air conditioner: my seat was directly beneath it and I wasn’t adequately moisturizing my hair. My ends were terrible and I was dreading looking at them. Eventually I had to look at them!Read More

My updated hair regimen

I have updated my hair regimen from my old 2011 one and I’m happy with it for NOW!! LOL! I honestly think that the regimen won’t change..maybe just some of the products! For  my latest 2015 regimen, please click HERE. Sunday Prepoo with Strong Roots Pimento oil on my scalp and Elasta QP Intense Fortifying conditioner or any oil mix containing coconut oil on my hair. I usually wear a heating cap for at least 15 minutes or sit under a dryer. Wash my hair with Elasta QP Shampoo forRead More

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