Best oil to use for Greenhouse effect for hair


For my 2013 regimen, I mostly did a ‘modified greenhouse effect’ nightly. My favorite oils (in order of preference) are:

  1. Olive oil: this oil is easily absorbed by the hair.
  2. Avocado oil: this is another oil that is easily absorbed by the hair.
  3. Safflower oil: this is a ceramide-containing oil and keeps the hair cuticles healthy and smooth.
  4. Jamaican black castor oil: promotes hair growth.
  5. Grape seed oil: also a ceramide-containing oil.

I think olive oil is the best oil for the Greenhouse effect cos’ of its easy absorbability (is there even a term like that?). However, I also like other oils so I usually mix them all! Lol!

What are your favorite oils for doing the Greenhouse effect?


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6 Comments to Best oil to use for Greenhouse effect for hair

  1. mina says:

    For me, its. Grapeseed Oil. Will also like to try the others too.

  2. Tonkabelle says:

    I usually tend to stick to either Wura’s Secret Oil or Coconut Oil.

  3. Louisa says:

    Nice one! What olive oil are you talking about? Is it the one of about 300naira(small bottle) used mostly as anointed oil in churches?

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