How to shop for good ingredients in hair products

Hello everyone. I’m back from Paris and if you watched my last video, I mentioned that I bought a few conditioners and a relaxer! (I just relaxed my hair today by the way…more of that gist in another post tomorrow…).

So you might be wondering how to shop for hair products when you find yourself in a strange environment with products you have never seen or heard about before. Looking for good ingredients for hair products is easy when you know what to look for.

The following are some ingredients you should look out for in a good hair product:

  1. Water
  2. Oils/butters i.e grapeseed oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, argan oil,palm oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, shea butter, mango butter etc.
  3. Vegetable glycerin
  4. Honey
  5. Proteins i.e keratin, collagen, soy protein, milk protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein etc. (Be careful with protein-containing products because over-using them can cause breakage.)
  6. Moisturizing/fatty alcohols i.e Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, Lauryl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol,  Behenyl alcohohol
  7. Cetrimonium chloride
  8. Behentrimonium methosulfate, Behentrimonium chloride (these give GOOD slip in hair products)
  9. Aloe vera
  10. Fruit extracts e.g goji berry, kiwi, etc
  11. Garlic
  12. Caffeine
  13. Ceramides: Most of the time, it is written on the packaging. If it is not, look out for products containing 2-oleamido or 1-3 octadecanedio.

Read moreWhat are ceramides and what do they mean for your hair ? (Black Hair Information website)

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Ingredients to avoid if possible:

  1. Parabens (this might be difficult because so MANY products contain this!!)
  2. S-D alochol
  3. Mineral oil
  4. Isopropyl myristate
  5. Lanolin
  6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

So, what products do you look out for when you are shopping for hair products?

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5 Comments to How to shop for good ingredients in hair products

  1. Jibs says:

    Thanks. This answered a lot of my questions. I’ve been trying to find something for my hair; I’m on vacation and forgot to bring along some of my regulars. What are your thoughts on stuffs for one’s scalp?
    Enjoy your vacation too!!!

    • Dr_fomsky says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean by something for your scalp. Like an oil? Look for any of the oils I mentioned in that post especially jojoba oil, castor oil and essential oils (i.e lavender, pimento, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree oils etc)

  2. Jibs says:

    Exactly. Thanks a bunch!

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