July, 2013


Wash day post :14th/15th July 2013

1.  Prepooed by applying Tropic Isle Living Pimento oil to my hair and scalp. Wore a shower cap then bonnet and beret. Went to bed. 2.  In the morning, washed my hair with diluted Elasta QP Shampoo for relaxed hair. Love this shampoo cos’ it is not drying at all and has a pH of 4.5. 3.  Deep conditioned with Nexxus humectress ultimate moisture deep conditioning treatment wearing my heating cap for about 20 minutes. I left the conditioner on my hair for another hour before rinsing it out. ThisRead More

Helping my Nigerian readers buy products Sizzelle does not stock!

Just a quick post to let you know that my Sizzelle online store is just introducing a customer procurement program to help you shop online from USA to Nigeria. (Beauty tools only). To read more about this, please check out this link.

Best oil to use for Greenhouse effect for hair

For my 2013 regimen, I mostly did a ‘modified greenhouse effect’ nightly. My favorite oils (in order of preference) are: Olive oil: this oil is easily absorbed by the hair. Avocado oil: this is another oil that is easily absorbed by the hair. Safflower oil: this is a ceramide-containing oil and keeps the hair cuticles healthy and smooth. Jamaican black castor oil: promotes hair growth. Grape seed oil: also a ceramide-containing oil. I think olive oil is the best oil for the Greenhouse effect cos’ of its easy absorbability (is thereRead More

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