October, 2013


Why I cut my hair!

Hi peeps! So, yesterday, I told you guys I cut my hair. A few weeks ago, I got tired of my hair and a cousin of mine was over at my house. She’s a professional hairstylist and I begged her to cut my hair. So why did I cut my hair to neck length? You can watch my short video or just read below. 1. Firstly, the bottom half of my hair is ‘texlaxed’ while the ends were just too straight. I was tired of dealing with the different textures andRead More

Settling into my new home

Hi lovely people. I’ve missed you all. Like seriously. I’m sorry for not responding to all your comments and emails: you won’t believe that it took two weeks for my home internet and phone to be activated! It was so terrible cos I was using my husband’s phone to browse and that can be so annoying till I eventually learnt that we could also use it as a router. Anyways, what’s been up with me? I started another weight loss regimen….AGAIN….not as crazy as 17 day diet…just eating moderately andRead More

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