December, 2013


Air drying vs blow drying hair?

I saw a post on Relaxed Hair Health website about the effects of air drying vs blow drying hair and I felt I should share this information. I recently published a post on how blow drying hair can cause bubble hair damage. I got this information from this study on blow drying. Chemically untreated hair was obtained from De Meo Brothers (New York, USA) and washed using 1% (w/w) sodium dodecyl sulfate, and then thoroughly rinsed with tap water and dried. Methods A standardized drying time was used to completelyRead More

Are you using NON-COMEDOGENIC products?

NON-COMEDOGENIC : not tending to clog pores (as by the formation of blackheads) If you have skin that is prone to breaking out in acne, you should look at every product you apply to your face (including your makeup). Check if this term, noncomedogenic, is written on their product descriptions. If there is/are product(s) not mentioning this, you might need to discontinue using it. This might be the very thing causing your acne! I had to recently go through all my facial products because I kept having breakouts. I threwRead More

Celebrity spotlight – Michelle Obama and green!

I love watching Fashion Police on E! Network. Joan Collins is simply crazy. Anyways, last week’s best dressed went to Michelle Obama. I checked out some of her other outfits and realized she loves wearing green. She has green in different shades and styles! Who can blame her? Green suits her well!! What’s your favorite color?

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