Should I moisturise my hair daily or co-wash instead?

Hello people! How have you been? I know I’ve been such an has just kept me really busy…I am also running another blog, Sizzelle blog, and we have about 8 writers (including myself).. with never a dull moment. You can also follow me on instagram. My username is Sizzelle. I sometimes post pictures of my hair growing back.

Anyways….In a recent post, I talked about I kept my face moisturised this past winter. Now, I’ll talk about my hair.
At the peak of winter, the weather was extremely dry and I felt that simply moisturizing and sealing my hair wasn’t going to cut it. I kept it hidden in hats, bonnets and wigs most of the time.
Now that spring is on the horizon, my hair is out again. Besides, I’m tired of wearing hats.

My skin made me realise that sometimes, just moisturising once a day might not be adequate. However, I don’t like the way my hair looks frizzy when I moisturize everyday. To reduce the number of times I have to moisturise my hair, I plan to do the L-O-C (Liquid-Oil-Cream) method of moisturization on my wash days to maintain my hair’s moisture levels in-between.To keep my hair supple, I’m also considering midweek co-washing. If I do midweek co-washing, I might not need to moisturize daily.

Anyways, I’ve decided to go on a hunt for the best hair moisturizer I can find. I want a moisturiser that leaves my hair feeling soft: I don’t like my hair feeling hard or dry. I also want a moisturizer that doesn’t cause buildup or leave my hair feeling dirty or sticky. I don’t like it looking frizzy either. That’s my issue with S-Curl. It was my staple hair moisturizer when I started my hair journey. It keeps my hair soft but after a while, my hair looks frizzy and feels like it has buildup. Many people including Sunshyne of Hairlicious Inc blog swear by S-Curl but I’ve left it behind a long time ago.
I’ll tell you more about the different moisturizers I’ve been trying in a future post.


My hair freshly washed, moisturised and tied down with my scarf at 13-weeks post-relaxer

What’s your favourite hair moisturizer?

Lots of love.
Dr Fomsky.

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