Vacation hair care: Essential products to take with you

Hi guys! This is vacation season and many people are travelling somewhere. Inside or outside your country, so I just want to recommend everybody to get air compressors for their cars, it is important to prevent any tricky situations while traveling.
Many ladies do a protective style for the duration of their vacation and this makes life so easy. On the other hand, some ladies want to go with their hair. This series is mainly for those ladies who are brave enough to go on vacation with their own hair .
If you’re like me and you have loads of hair products, then you need to streamline what you take with you. PLUS if you have kids and a hubby who will give you the side eye when half your bag is filled with beauty products. LOL. Take your favourites. Don’t take the ones you had just started experimenting with so that you don’t end up having a bad hair day while on vacation.

You only need to take the basics:


  • Don’t take too many bottles of oil with you. Coconut oil is preferable. You can use it for your pre-poo plus you can mix it with your deep conditioner AND also seal your hair with it after moisturising. If your hair doesn’t like coconut oil, you can use take either olive oil or avocado oil.
  • If you must take other oils, put them into tiny bottles.
  • If you like to use essential oils, you could mix them into one bottle.


  • If your shampoo is in a big bottle, you can pour it into a smaller bottle.
  • If you like to mix in stuff (e.g tea tree oil) into your shampoo, you can mix it at home.


  • If you like to add oils to your deep conditioner, you can mix them into your conditioner before leaving home so that you don’t have to lug the oils with you.


5. HAIR MOISTURIZER. If you have a moisturizer which can double as a leave-in conditioner (or vide versa), all the better.

6. A WIDE-TOOTH COMB (and a medium-tooth comb if you have one)



9. A CO-WASH CONDITIONER (If you have the space). LOL.

a. If you like to use ayurvedic clays, you can also pre-mix them. If you’re pre-mixing henna, it is a good idea to freeze it before you leave and keep it frozen until you’re ready to use it. If you’re going with your ayurvedic herbs and henna, then you are really going all out! LOL. If you’re going with henna, don’t forget your gloves too. 🙂
b. A hand dryer and flat iron might also come in handy. Don’t forget to check if the voltage is different from that in your country. For example, Nigeria uses 220 V and America 110 V. You will need to use a step-down transformer with your electrical appliances.
c. A heating cap.

Vacation hair tips_what to take

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