Wash day – blow dried my hair with a tension & brush technique!

Although my last wash day was not my best, my hair still stayed smooth till wash day. Thanks to my arsenal of Pura body naturals Sapote hair lotion, Hairveda Red Satin moisturiser and Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Yummy Hair moisturizer.
This wash day (12th September) went as follows:

  1. Applied Ouidad’s Salon Series OMEGA-3 Replenishing Hair Treatment to my hair. It contains a lipid called 18-MEA. Wore my heating cap for 30 minutes while I played with my phone. 😛
  2. I mixed some freshly boiled water with amla, brahmi and henna powders. Whisked. It was still a bit seedy so I added some coconut oil which made it much more creamier. Allowed it cool a little I added some full cream plain yoghurt to this henna mixture and then applied to my hair. Wore my heating cap for about 30 minutes.
  3. Mixed together Hairveda Sitrinillah deep conditionerMill Creek Botanicals Henna conditioner, Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin conditioner + Franck Provost repair conditioner + aloe vera juice concentrate + essential oils {of oregano, peppermint, cedarwood, thyme, rosemary, lavender} + rice bran oil + hempseed oil + avocado oil + olive oil + coconut oil. Whisked them altogether to make a smooth mixture. Covered my hair with a 2 plastic bags. Wore my heating cap. Put on my satin bonnet. Covered my pillow with a towel. Went to bed. In the morning, my towel was a bit damp but nothing too bad.
  4. Rinsed off the conditioner while taking my shower in the morning.
  5. Squeezed out the excess water from my hair. Applied some argan oil to seal in the moisture. My leave-ins were Hairveda Red Tea Satin moisturizer and Naturalista cosmetics Juicy Yummy moisturizer.
  6. Blow dried my hair with moderate heat using a brush-tension method. I first saw the video on Today’s Naira blog. I can’t remember how many sections I did. I can’t imagine how people with thicker longer hair manage to blow dry their hair frequently!!
  7. All in all, I like the technique. It left my soft and smooth but not as smooth as when I do my braid outs. My hair also came out looking big. I guess it was because I didn’t let the hair dry completely when I was drying it. #bighairdontcare. I’ll be trying it again this weekend with different leave-ins to see the difference. I’ll also try to let it dry completely but I don’t know…I’m not that patient. Besides, my friends liked the big hair and were wondering how I did my hair. When I said I blow-dried my hair, one of my friends gasped cos’ you know it’s preached against by many of us in the healthy hair world. Blow drying is good to stretch your hair but it’s bad when you use very hot air and when you have to keep combing or brushing through to dry the hair. That’s why I like this technique: I didn’t need to brush through the entire length of my hair more than once. 😛


The video

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  1. Your hair is so thick! And I like the big hair lol 🙂

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