Wash day: tried not to be too much of a mixologist!

Hi people…another wash day. I wash my hair once a week most times. Last week, someone asked me why I use so many products so today, I want to tell you why:

  1. One of my favourite bloggers, Nadege of Relaxed Hair Health is always talking about product ingredients and I’m always looking out to try new products which contain these ingredients so I can improve the quality of my hair. I have fine hair strands and I’m always in a quest to thicken up my strands plus improve the appearance and texture of my hair.
  2. There are so many great products with so many excellent products and I want to take advantage of them. Most of the time, I look out for products that have high quality ‘first five’ ingredients. Most products list their ingredients in a descending order of concentration. What this means is the higher up the ingredient is, the higher its concentration in that product. Ingredients I look out for are ceramides (for a smoother cuticle), keratin (to help strengthen hair…especially good for relaxed hair), collagen (to strengthen hair and make it flexible when combing) ,18-MEA (a lipid found naturally occurring in hair and helps to repair hair), cholesterol ( a lipid naturally found in hair), avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, etc. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a product that contains all these ingredients so I mix and match. .

So, today’s wash day, I decided not to be too much of a mixologist!! I’ve run out of my Hairveda Sitrinillah so I tried a new conditioner, L’Oreal Fibralogy (also called L’Oreal Volume Filler in the U.S). It contains a substance called filloxane which they claim can thicken the hair strand. However, for best results, it has to be used at least five times because the effect is cumulative.

For my wash day,

  • Mixed coconut oil, hempseed oil and Queen Helene cholesterol together for my prepoo…yes…I know I tried not to be too much of a mixologist but mixing in a conditioner with the coconut oil just makes it easier to apply. 😉
  • Covered my hair with a shower cap and went to bed.
  • In the morning, I washed my hair with L’Oreal Fibralogy shampoo. It’s a sulfate shampoo so I’m not sure I’ll be using it frequently. I diluted it with some tea.
  • Afterwards, I applied some tea (regular lipton tea with chamomile tea) to my scalp using my ROOTS APPLICATOR BOTTLE. I think my shedding has stopped a little.

Tea in my Roots Applicator Bottle

  •  Next, I applied the 2nd step of the Fibralogy System: The Thickness Booster. It’s like a clear liquid. On top of this, I applied the 3rd step of the Fibralogy System. This is basically a conditioner. It didn’t have as much slip as I’d like but it’s not bad. I left it in for 3 minutes and rinsed my hair. So, you see…no mixing on this wash day!!! 😛

Fibralogy system tri piece

  • For my leave-ins, I used Pura Body Naturals Murumuru moisture milk and argan oil. I detangled in small sections because my hair is now 11 weeks post-relaxer and the new growth is starting to kick in. I made 5 twists and left my hair to air dry. My hair wasn’t as soft as it usually is (probably because I didn’t deep condition). Remember I only left the Fibralogy conditioner for 3 minutes?

Day 4 – hair is losing definition



Day 5



Day 5- practically no curls left!



To maintain my hair during the week, I moisturize my hair at night with Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion and then cornrow my hair in 3. I roll the ends with satin rods. In the morning, I moisturize my hands with my Hairveda Red Tea Satin Moisturizer lightly, undo each cornrow and finger comb.

As to whether my hair is thicker or not, I’ll use it 4 more times and let you know 🙂


If you would like to give the Fibralogy system a test run, do me an email at blog@sizzelle.com and I’ll order it for you. 

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Nigerian-born Dr Fomsky is a God-lover, a wife, a mom of three, a medical doctor by day. Plus she owns a Nigerian-based online hair product store called Sizzelle.
Dr Fomsky is very passionate about hair, skin and weight management. Since she's had her babies, she's been struggling to keep her weight and her tummy down!
At night, she likes to read books, write blog posts and leave comments on other blogs. She lives in Alberta, Canada and is also the author of Solving your relaxed hair breakage book .
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